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Following graduation from Walthamstow School of Art, I trained at the Royal Academy Schools from 1963-1966.  My early work was large-scale and strongly influenced by Pop Art and Surrealism. This led to an interest in Photorealism and The Brotherhood of Ruralists leading to summer exhibitions at the Piccadilly Gallery, Cork Street and Anthony Tooth Gallery, London.

After retiring from a long career in lecturing and teaching in 2007, I finally moved from Essex to Suffolk where my work has been influenced by the East Anglian landscape. Recent paintings have evolved around a theme of land and water with the changing seasons, atmosphere and light.

As a contemporary landscape painter my work frequently moves between figuration and abstraction. Rather than re-creating images on canvas, I aim to express their  deeper symbolism.

My recent work is  based on contrasts in landscapes from the subtle mists of East Anglia to the vibrant colours in the arid plains and oceans that surround Australia.

I am currently developing a new series of paintings based on the rapid changes of light reflected in the East Anglian landscape and its coastal shorelines.

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