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Following graduation from Walthamstow School of Art, I trained at the Royal Academy Schools from 1963-1966.  My early work was large-scale and strongly influenced by Pop Art and Surrealism. This led to an interest in Photorealism and The Brotherhood of Ruralists leading to summer exhibitions at the Piccadilly Gallery, Cork Street and Anthony Tooth Gallery, London.

As a contemporary landscape painter my work frequently moves between figuration and abstraction. Rather than re-creating images on canvas, I aim to express their  deeper symbolism.

I research ideas for my landscapes by taking several photographs at various times of the day to capture changes in lighting conditions. This always forms the starting point where I develop collages and colour studies back in the studio.

Using a process of fragmenting the canvas surface I aim to convey the never-ending rapid changes in tone and colour as light moves across the landscape and where eventually memory and imagination play a large part in finalising the composition. Air and light vary continually and for me it is capturing the essence of those changes that forms the driving force in my work.

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